Product Concept Engineering Design

We turn concepts into reality

Product concept design is a critical step in the engineering product design process. This step identifies, critiques and prioritizes design concepts that meet customer needs and specifications to derive the optimal design. Decisions made during early design stages can tightly constrain future options. Developing attractive product concepts requires fluid abstract thinking, creative imagination and innovation.

We innovate new product concepts using a creative team with diverse backgrounds, expertise and perspectives. Multiple concepts are generated. We then systematically explore, score and screen each design based on:

  • Design requirements and specifications
  • Economic analysis, including development cost and forecasted production unit cost
  • Feasibility
  • Aesthetics & usability
  • Market differentiation
  • Expected service life

We work with large and small firms. Product concepts can be a component of a larger assembly or a stand-alone product. We help companies conceptualize products in a wide variety of industries using multi-engineering disciplines and materials.


We use innovative product design and engineering to develop concepts through engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. We follow a structured milestone development schedule starting with concept development, and then to detailed engineering design, prototyping, test/validation and manufacturing.

Our company ecosystem supports our advanced engineering abilities and our inherent ability to accelerate product innovation.

We help companies get products to market