About Us

Intent Design is a global product design and engineering services company.

We transform ideas and concepts into world–class products

We are a team of technical experts, engineers, designers and artists with fully resourced facilities which provide optimally engineered solutions for mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical and electronic products. Our team is experienced and well versed in the following aspects of engineering:

  • Ideation and Concept Development
  • Styling & Industrial Design
  • Product Design (CAD)
  • Simulation & Analysis (CAE)
  • Systems Engineering & Integration
  • Structures and Mechanisms Design
  • Electro – Mechanical Engineering
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Embedded Systems (SW & HW)
  • Program Management
  • Prototype Development
  • Validation Management
  • Value Analysis/ Value Engineering
  • Contract Staffing Engineering Services

At the core of our business, is our highly skilled and experienced Staff of Engineers, Designers, Technicians and Program Managers; always ready and eager to take on the next big challenge!

Our diverse and multi-disciplinary global teams have developed an extensive innovative product portfolio across multiple industries. Our oriented, collaborative, and process disciplined approach enables us to transform ideas into fully validated production worthy products, in the shortest possible time.

We have well-equipped and fully staffed Technical Centers that provide product engineering, design, analysis, prototypes development, validation management, and manufacturing support. We design and develop structures, mechanisms, plastic trim, electro-mechanical products, and, embedded system products. We have design and manufacturing knowhow in metal stampings, castings, extrusions, forgings, plastic moldings and composites.

The synergy created through the combined talents of our multi-disciplinary integration teams results in a high caliber and cost efficient value propositions to OEMs and suppliers.

We are an advanced technology company that seamlessly integrates multiple engineering disciplines to develop innovative, reliable world-class products.

Our headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan together with the extended global office in Bangalore, India provides a low composite cost business model for international projects; while maintaining local customer interface and delivering the same high level of customer service. Our R & D Center contains all necessary infrastructure and resources required to innovate and design from napkin sketch, model, mock-up, validate, and generate design specifications required for mass manufacturing. A dedicated prototype facility housed within the R & D Center, is fully capable of making proof of concept prototypes and can support low volume production.

Please give us a call at 248-381-5930 to discuss how we can help or email Info@Intent-Design.com .

Integrated mechanical, electrical, plastics and embedded systems engineering