Embedded Systems

Including hardware, software, verification and validation

Our core engineering team has years of experience developing products aimed at working with all possible conditions and utilize a structured high quality products design philosophy.

We help you to create new technology solutions by outpacing your competitors. Our service is designed to satisfy the needs of business of every size.

Benefits of working with us to develop your Embedded Systems Product:

  • Complete product development, end to end solutions.
  • Custom software and hardware engineering capabilities
  • Expertise in the compliance approval process for FDA 510(k) and CE

Complete Embedded Systems Capabilities

Micro controller, microprocessor designs
OS Porting
Board Bring Up
Defect fixes
Analog / Digital interfacing
Device Driver
Functional testing
Power Management
API development
System testing
Customer support
High Speed board designs
Software Verification
Performance testing
Release Management
PCB designs (8 Layers)
Embedded Application Development
Verification & validation
Schematics capture
Field Trails
PC board designs

Embedded Systems Product Development Services

We provide cost – effective hardware product development solutions from design to verification and validation stage throughout development life cycle

Board Design: Intent offers expertise for concept to board prototyping, including diagnostics, driver development. We have completed PCB designs up to 8 layers. We test boards for signal integrity and standards compliance and have achieved the fastest time for developing a quality PCB.

PCB Layout: Intent has tied with partners to offer PCB Layout Services for in House Components Engineering Support, in house PCB CAD design using industry standard CAD packages, we have strategic tie ups for quick turnaround PCB fabrication, PCB assembly & rework including BGA components

Product Re-engineering: Intent has solutions for obsolescence management for Hardware products where we can help customers manage components obsolescence, cost reduction, technology changes, and feature enhancements. We can also reengineer your product to improve manufacturing process.

Independent Verification and Validation: Intent has expertise in approval process of EMI/EMC testing services. We have tied up with service providers for compliance testing as per applicable standards like IEC, EN, CISPR, FCC or other customer’s specifications.

Compliance Engineering: Intent provides complete compliance engineering services for Hardware product companies – for RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and helping them meet government directives in time.

End-to-end Development services

  • Schematic design capture to proto build
  • Hardware abstraction layer design for interoperability with kernels under various operating systems (Android, Embedded Linux)
  • Middleware development
  • Network management interfaces and network utility development
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics tool development

Embedded Systems Hardware Development

Processors ARM7,ARM9, ARM11 and Cortex A8 based processor. Example: I.MX51, I.MX31,,I.MX233 etc
Digital Interfaces High speed bus interface 266MHz, DDR2/DDR/mDDR and SDR interfaces, LCD/,VGA Display interface
Peripheral Interface Ethernet, USB 2.0, SPI/I2C, RS485, RS232
Wireless 802.11, GPS, Bluetooth
Digital Audio FM/AM
Analog Section ADC / DAC circuit design, Amplifier and Filter design, Power supply section with battery charging

Embedded Systems Software Development

    Intent Design possesses complete set of skills from application development to embedded services, along with hardware engineering development enables us one stop solution house for complete product development.

    End-to-end Software Services

    • Product ownership: Complete engineering development, product life cycle management, new feature development, technical support
    • Product maintenance: Bug fixing, release management and feature extension
    • Firmware development: device drivers, kernel customization
    • Porting: porting OS on new platforms
    Application and GUI development Android,Linux, Windows, Windows CE QT, python , GTK/GNOME
    Driver development on OS Platforms Android,Linux, Windows, Windows CE, Linux Kernel customization, Android,Porting
    Driver development – Interfaces USB 2.0, SPI/I2C, RS485, RS232, Printers Inkjet, Thermal, Power,management
    Driver development – Wireless Bluetooth Stack, 802.11x, GSM, GPRS
    Others SDLC, Medical software development on OTSS, Image Analysis

    Embedded Systems Verification & Validation Services

    The need to ensure any embedded system to be reliable and bug-free, takes more precedence than technology and innovation aspects of embedded design. Faced with the constant pressure to deliver high value within a short time, many organizations rely increasingly on independent evaluation of performance and quality of the software and systems they develop.

    Thorough and uncompromising system level testing and debugging will alone enable you to maximize on the quality of your overall product. System level Verification and Validation capabilities and effectiveness are a combination of extensive experience, right techniques, and best tools. Our Quality Assurance and Test engineers have industry leading skills, experience, the objective mind-set required for testing advanced engineered software and systems. We are laden with the latest test & reporting processes and secure labs with state of the art equipment and tools to ensure maximum productivity and quality delivery on time, every time.

    Our extensive experience in the embedded software and product development domains provides us with a distinct insight into reliability, maintainability, and usability issues.

    End-to-end verification and validation services

    Functionality testing: Involves testing the software /system for its conformance to the intended features, functionality and usability

    Development testing: We can also partner with you at any stage and for any part of your QA requirements. We can provide integration tests (integration of several software modules provided by the customer), entire system tests and testing under a simulated environment (during prototyping phase or when the target hardware is under development).

    Turnkey Embedded Systems Solutions

    • Code Reviews
    • Software development analysis
    • Functional and structural coverage
    • Integration analysis – software – software integration and software – hardware integration
    • System Validation analysis

Custom software and hardware Embedded Systems engineering expertise