Electronic Manufacturing

End-to-end turnkey PCB manufacturing solutions

  • We provide end-to-end turnkey solutions in manufacturing of PCB assemblies and box building including OEM / ODM manufacturing models.
  • We focus on HIGH MIX, HIGH TECH, LOW AND MEDIUM volume production, combined with Value Added Services to provide ultimate benefits to the customer in the area of professional/industrial electronics products like, Telecommunication, Power Electronics, GPS, Medical, & Automotive Electronics Services.
  • We have machines and capabilities for SMD & THD boards with latest packaging of QFPs, BGAs, LGAs / QFNs, 0402/0201 chips, and we have expertise in handling all types of Boards- processes based RF, power electronics, discrete logic boards from 100% SMD’s to 100% THD population.
  • We have complete testing facilities for the PCB Assembly and products including high precision voltmeter, frequency controls, digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, Signal Generators. Customer Specific Test Jigs & Automated Testing Services are offered using IEE.

Box Build Integration

With facilities for manufacturing cable forms & harness, we have customized lines for Box build, Integration, Testing, Burn In/Soak test facility to offer OEM manufacturing of products, directly shipped to the warehouse of customers.

Turnkey electronic manufacturing solutions