High Tech, Consumer & Medical

Optimally engineered solutions

Our expertise:

  • Complete product/device engineering, prototyping and production
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Plastics engineering
  • Embedded hardware and software systems engineering
  • Getting approvals for FCC, FDA 510(k), UL and CE markings

Our capabilities:

Hardware Microcontroller,microprocessor designs,Analog & Digital,interfacing,Power Management,High Speed board designs,PCB designs (8 Layers),Schematics capture,PC board designs
Software OS Porting,Device Driver,API development,Software Verification,Embedded Application,Development
Testing Board Bring Up,Functional testing,System testing,Performance testing,Verification and validation,Field Trails
Compliances CE,UL,FDA,FCC
Maintenance Defect fixes, Enhancements, Customer support, Release Management. Optimizations

Extensive experience in developing high tech consumer and medical devices