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Hydro Mechanical Design

Intent Design’s RK Engineers division provides civil and hydro mechanical engineering design services for hydro power projects. We have grown into an internationally recognized design firm of Hydro-Mechanical solutions in dam, irrigation and power projects. We apply innovation and ingenuity in the design of gates, cranes, penstocks and hoists.

We are one of the leading civil and hydro mechanical design firms, delivering resources and immediate customer service about the globe for Hydro-Dam projects.

Our areas of hydro-mechanical design expertise:

  • Hoists
  • Cranes
  • Penstocks
  • Gates (Cylindrical, Radial, Fixed wheel, Sliding, Sluice)
  • Piping / Hydrodynamic sizing

We have performed over 150 hydro-dam projects. A sampling of our hydro mechanical engineering design projects is listed below:

Hydro-Mechianical Design
Hydro-Mechianical Design
Hydro-Mechianical Design
Hydro-Mechianical Design
Hydro-Mechianical Design
Hydro-Mechianical Design
Hydro-Mechianical Design

  • Design unique cylindrical gate operated by a 70 t capacity hydraulic hoist.
  • Design high pressure slide gates operated by 650 t capacity hydraulic hoist.
  • Design high pressure fixed wheel penstock emergency gate for 2160t load
  • riding on hardened stainless steel concrete embedded track.
  • Design crest radial gate for dam project, Zambia with design and drawings
  • approved by a Swedish consultancy organization.
  • Design bottom outlet Radial gate for Tanzania Power Project.
  • Design irrigation and upgrading projects in Nepal and Srilanka, with design and drawings approved by Canadian and Netherland consultants
  • Design Spillway Radial gates for Hydro electric project with spherical plain bearings for the trunion instead of normal bronze bushes
  • Design radial crest gates for Rajasthan project
  • Design fixed wheel Power Intake gate for Kerala project with 68m design head
  • Design fixed wheel type penstock gate for Utter Pradesh project with 67m design head
  • Design Penstock intake gate, crest gates, draft tube gates, river sluice gates , stop logs and Gantry cranes for two dams in Karnataka
  • Design 16m Penstock intake gates for Tamil Nadu, which is one of the tallest gates in the country. There are four gates at each barrage and are operated by trolley running on gantry girders mounted on steel trestles of nearly 18 m height.
  • Design draft tube gates for Lower Mettur Project with 23m design head
  • Design gate and crane system where Gantry cranes operate the penstock gate/penstock stop logs , crest stop logs and draft tube gates for the Sharavathi Tail Race Project. Gantry height is 13 m and the hoisting capacity is 45 t
  • Design 200t Capacity Rope Drum hoist for the draft tube gate for the Narmada project
  • Design high pressure River Sluice Emergency and Service slide gates with 85 m head for the Narmada Project
  • Design Penstock pipes, bends, compound bend, Reducer bend, expansion joints and transition for the Power House at the Mettur dam
  • Design automatic gates on a Singapore river
  • Design Sluice gate and 40t capacity screw hoist for Tata Electric Company
  • Design Tail race gate and 17.5t capacity screw hoist for Bhira Project
  • Design Penstock pipe in Nepal for Canadian International Water and Energy Consultants
  • Design Head Regulator gate with rope drum hoist, Desander intake and flushing gates, trash and safety racks for Trishuli Devighat Upgrading project
  • Design intake gates, Stop logs and hoists for Nepal Project, Nepal
  • Design intake and draft tube gates for Harangi Mini Hydel Project for Sluzer Flowell Faridabad
  • Design 52t capacity, 15m high Gantry Crane for Kadra dam, Karnataka
  • Design 45t capacity Gantry Crane for penstock / Penstock Stop log for Karnataka dam
  • Design 70t capacity, 17m high Gantry Crane for Hasdeo Bango dam to lift a 70t cantilevered load
  • Design irrigation bulk head, covers, sluice gate vent for carrying out major repair work in the sluice, without dewatering the reservoir for Bhadra Project
  • Design caisson type structure for carrying out the erection of embedded parts for a sluice gate, without dewatering the reservoir for Malampuzha dam in Kerala
  • Design Crest gates for reservoir in Tamil Nadu
  • Design regular and emergency gates for Porthimund gate shaft and draft tube gate for Parson Valley Power house
  • Design penstock intake gate, draft tube gate, hoists and hoist supporting structures for power house in Karnataka

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