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Why Intent Design

Intent Design is a global company providing engineering design and intellectual property development services. Our relentless passion in pursuit of technology optimization and commercialization has resulted in more than 25 patents and 50+ intellectual property disclosures, with an impressive array of intellectual property developments currently in the works.

Our multi-talented global team has developed.... an extensive project portfolio with high levels of cross-pollenization across several continents and multiple industries. Our sophisticated collaborative approach enables a high degree of transparency relative to specifications, requirements, and verification; which in turn accelerates development, design, analysis and production at or below cost, compliant with all applicable criteria.

Our Value

  • Multi-industry best practices drawn from extensive experience in Aerospace, Transportation, Automotive, Consumer and Industrial products.
  • Diverse, globally transparent team of engineers, designers, and program managers on an intercontinental basis.
  • Maximum cost optimization achieved through a blended international cost/business model which enables Intent Design to deliver the best products and services within budget limits.
  • Intellectual property and product development is the life blood of the Intent Design value proposition to all clients large, small, domestic, or international.
  • Intent can scale rapidly by deploying resources, talent, and extended capability via our equity-based partnership with Active Burgess Group.