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We offer a dedicated aerospace consulting and services team with a reputation for excellence in aerospace design and manufacturing. Our aerospace consulting experts have extensive experience delivering complex technology-driven solutions in both commercial and military applications With over 20 patents and 50+ intellectual property disclosures, our local and global teams work together in designing and implementing leading edge aerospace systems. Our diverse cross pollinated team of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Prototype and Manufacturing Engineers provide synergy that constantly pushes the limits of technology in new product design and development, ensuring the success of each project.

Intent Design is a global Aerospace partner providing:

  • Engineering design and consulting services
  • Concept development to launch support
  • Complete systems and component integration
  • Innovation

We support our Aerospace clients with new product design, development and supplemental engineering services.

  • Cost effective, timely innovative solutions
  • Multi-disciplinary team of project engineers, CAD designers, design engineers and program managers.
  • High performance focused on meeting market-driven goals
  • One-stop shop for optimized design and engineering services
  • Highly experienced in the execution of complex product development processes

Our key Aerospace domain areas are

  • Cargo systems design, analysis and test
  • Aerial extraction systems
  • Automated and Semi-Automated restraint systems

Additional capabilities:

  • Systems engineering
    • Requirements development (“DOORS”)
    • Verification & validation
    • HALT & HAS testing
  • Comprehensive product engineering
    • Concept
    • CAD (Catia, UG, Pro E)
    • Drafting
    • CAE (FEA, Variation Analysis)
    • Stress analysis (hand calculations, FEA using Hypermesh, Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys)
    • Prototype development
  • Contract & consulting services


Our Capabilities

  • ISO 9001 - 2000 Certification (ASQR Registrar)
  • Kaizen (lean) implementation
  • Multi-skilled team in more than 10 different CAD programs.
  • 7 different analysis tools to design and measure results.

Aerospace Case Study

Dropping a military tank from an airplane


Intent Design applied its expertise and innovation to perform a complete overhaul of the Cargo Hold System (CHS) and Aerial Delivery System (ADS) within a compressed timeline. Intent Design’s first class systems integration team achieved a rapid scale-up, reduced cycle time and manpower hours, and met the critical deadline for a ground up design concept of the cargo lock system.

Intent Design engineers and project managers worked on-site with the aircraft and Cargo System manufacturers to closely integrate the Cargo Release System with the Cargo System supplier’s overall logistics solution. Research, modeling, development, and testing were completed in time for the release of the design to prototype manufacturing.

Aero1 Aero2 Aero3

Invent with Intent

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Email: Service@Intent-Design.com

Case Study: Ferchau - Stress Analysis Support

Our Objective:

Aerospace Case Study
Aerospace Case Study

  • Optimize the structural integrity of the air frame and fuselage within limited package constraints

Our Scope of Work:

  • Panel Sizing (Nastran FEA)
  • Strut Sizing (Hand Calculation)
  • Lug Justification (Hand Calculation)
  • Stress optimization (Nastran)
  • Transient Dynamic FEA (Nastran)
  • Modal Analysis FEA (Nastran)
  • Mass Optimization through structural concept change
  • (Free body calculations and FEA)
  • Free Body Calculations
  • Interface Load Report

Our Results:

  • 50% reduction in displacement
  • 25% reduction in strut load
  • 30% reduction in mass through FEA-assisted mass optimization

Case Study: Breeze Eastern - Winch Stress Support

Our Objective:

Aerospace Case Study

  • Optimize hoist and winch for A400 aircraft
  • Our Scope of Work
    • Systems Engineering Support
    • PTS baseline development to include DCR’s
    • Segregation of Product and Process Requirements
    • Derive Equipment-level requirements
    • Create “DOORS” module SES

Our Results:

  • Hoist and winch subsystem optimized to Airbus standards

Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Projects

Lockheed Martin Intent Design's passion for invention and innovation is illustrated in our co development programs with the advanced "skunk works" teams at Lockheed Martin in support of air power as well as the integration of air and space assets